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    Rich and tactile cushion covers, custom knit to fit with your space. The coded cushion covers are made especially to your colour palette of choice.  For bespoke sizes please email me at


    35cm x 55cm

    Please note***

    Orders do not include cushion filler pads due to shipping. Drop me a message if you'd like recommendations for where to buy inserts! :)



    100% Dead stock.

    (Mostly) Lambswool, with a little bit of polyamide/polyester/viscose/wool.

    All pieces are lined with lambswool.




    Each piece is made using dead stock yarns, you can read more about what this means under the project CODING. The colour codes you select will be used to create your one of a kind knitwear item. 


    The base colour is the solid colour on the inside of your cushion cover. 


    Now for the fun bit! Pick your fav colour combo. You can also leave a comment if you'd like to add a bit more design direction.

    Base colour
    Main colour 1
    Main colour 2
    Main colour 3
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      For best care we recommend a gentle hand wash, thorough rinse and air dry. A gentle steam will help your piece to look its best but make sure not to press! tra la lah

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